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Skyrise College of Aviation & Management Studies

Learn new things and create memories while studying abroad.

Study abroad is not a dream anymore, it is a path everyone can achieve. We are on a mission to educate the same.

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Guidance and help from mentors who are studying abroad. Just to make sure you are in right place

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About SKYRISE Overseaseducation

motivated by the aspiration to excel and promote uniqueness.

We are currently acknowledged as the top industry consultant for international education in this area. Our main goal is to give students consistent support throughout the process so they can realize their dreams of earning an international degree. Our wide range of services is designed to help students find the best place to study, including helping them locate classes, universities, and other organizations that suit their interests and goals anywhere in the world.

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SKYRISE Overseaseducation has all the information you require to pursue an overseas education. Studying abroad is made easier with our A to Z services, which cover everything from choosing the ideal place to enroll in to program selection. We help you every step of the way to ensure the success of your study abroad program!

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Our Areas of Focus

We actively seek to develop ways to make the overseas application process quick, easy, and customized since we are acutely aware of the worries that students have. We save students a lot of time, money, and effort by offering a one-stop shop for all of their study abroad requirements.

SKYRISE Overseaseducation

Our Featured Courses

For non-native English speakers, the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a globally standardized assessment of English language competency.

An international English language assessment specifically designed for the healthcare industry is the Occupational English Test (OET).It evaluates the linguistic communication abilities of medical professionals who want to become registered and work in an English-speaking setting.

Our German language instruction's goal is to provide German classes in accordance with worldwide standards. The country of Germany is amazing. If you want to study or work there, you will need to learn German, but it will also be to your advantage.

aking is a language that is formed using articulate sounds, as opposed to writing. Numerous languages exist solely in spoken form and lack a written form. Speech generated using the vocal tract is called oral or vocal language; sign language, on the other hand, is created with the hands and face.

Our Services

We take great pleasure in creating innovative solutions that surpass expectations in order to meet your specific needs. Check out our offerings to experience the pinnacle of customer service.

Study Abroad

Discover easy opportunities for international education in more than 35 countries with our all-inclusive study abroad program. Take off on a global trip with us now to gain worthwhile experiences and enhance your profession.


With our specialist services, you may successfully navigate the immigration process to Canada or Australia. For a smooth transition, take advantage of our knowledge and advice. Begin your adventure right now.